Thursday February 22, 2018

Best Fish Oils of 2011

We have just completed reviewing 28 different fish oil products. Here is our review process:

1. Analyze – We research and test each product individually.
2. Collection – We collect user reviews from people who have been using the product for 3 or more months to see their health results.
3. Recommendation – We compile data and recommend the best products on the market.

So which fish oil products came out on top?

WINNERNordic Naturals

We like Nordic Naturals because it has the optimal blend of EPA and DHA and the company has a stellar reputation. It is also pharmaceutical grade. The packaging is pretty boring and it is a little bit pricey but well worth it.

Reviewers we surveyed were very pleased with Nordic Naturals. They found the soft gels were easy to take with no bad aftertaste and didn’t upset their stomachs. Several user reported decreases in blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

2nd PlaceCarlson Fish Oil

We liked Carlson’s due to strong quality control and different flavor options.
Reviewers we surveyed were also quite pleased with Carlson’s. The oil is a liquid, which some prefer but some reviewers also reported stomach pain and fishy flavored burps. You may want to consider a soft gel if this is an issue for you.

3rd PlaceNature Made Fish

Nature Made comes in as a strong 3rd place finisher. The 1200mg soft gels contain plenty of Omega 3’s but may be too large for some to swallow.
Reviewers we surveyed had mixed opinions on Nature Made. Many liked the larger soft gels because they had to take less pills (mostly those taking higher doses to reduce blood pressure). The pills were too large for about 20% of our reviewers to swallow.

Stop burping after taking fish oil

Some minor fish oil side effects include burping and a fishy aftertaste. These minor annoyances can be avoided a couple ways. The first is to purchase a pharmaceutical grade fish oil, these capsules are molecularly distilled and can remove many of the additives that cause these issues. That doesn’t do you much good if you’ve already bought some fish oil though and would like to continue taking it. A second easy remedy is to freeze your fish oil supplements. This obviously will only work for those taking capsules, not the liquid variety but is a safe and effective way to prevent burping. Make sure to check the manufacturer label first though as some supplement casings may not do well frozen. If that is the case, refrigeration may help somewhat.

If you are currently taking a liquid supplement, switching to capsule form may also help with burping and especially fishy aftertaste. The capsules break down more slowly than their liquid counterpart. A final suggestion is to take your supplement with food. Taking fish oil on an empty stomach can make the problem worse. Taking them with food helps with digestion and burping.

How long does it take for fish oil to take effect?

Many people become impatient after beginning to take fish oil, or any medication for that matter, thinking it will cure their symptoms overnight. If you are taking fish oil for something like high blood pressure or depression, you might wonder how long to wait to see some changes.

A good guideline to start with is 30 days. Be sure to keep a log or journal where you note your reading or feelings at Day 1 and then again at Day 30. It is often hard to tell what changes have been made if you don’t know where you started! Also, don’t try to measure changes on a daily basis. It will just make you more impatient and frustrated. Measure once per wee at the most. After 30 days, take your measurements again, if you see little or no changes in your conditions, it may be a good idea to think about increasing your daily dosage. Be sure to consult a doctor before doing so however.