Thursday February 22, 2018

Stop burping after taking fish oil

Some minor fish oil side effects include burping and a fishy aftertaste. These minor annoyances can be avoided a couple ways. The first is to purchase a pharmaceutical grade fish oil, these capsules are molecularly distilled and can remove many of the additives that cause these issues. That doesn’t do you much [...]

How long does it take for fish oil to take effect?

Many people become impatient after beginning to take fish oil, or any medication for that matter, thinking it will cure their symptoms overnight. If you are taking fish oil for something like high blood pressure or depression, you might wonder how long to wait to see some changes.
A good guideline to start [...]

What fish oil dosage is right for my dog?

Many pet owners choose to give their dog or cat fish oil supplements because the Omega 3 benefits them in many of the same ways that it does for humans. If you are planning to give fish oil to your dog or cat, your main concern in regards to dosage size is their weight. [...]