Thursday February 22, 2018

Can I take fish oil if I’m allergic to fish?

With the use of fish oil supplements becoming more prevalent, people with fish or shellfish allergies are often left wondering whether they will be able to use a fish oil supplement. These supplements can be a great source of Omega 3’s which are difficult for them to come by otherwise.
The answer depends greatly on [...]

How much fish oil should I take?

The amount of fish oil you should take should be based on the EPA and DHA levels in the fish oil, not on the total amount of fish oil.  Most good fish oil supplements will feature 18% EPA and 12% DHA which equals out to 180mg and 120mg respectively in a 1g tablet.  Based on [...]

What are the benefits of taking fish oil?

There are many benefits to taking fish oil supplements, for both people and animals!  If you think I’m crazy, giving fish oil to domestic pets (dogs and cats) is becoming very common.
Sticking with humans for a minute, the health benefits of fish oil include:

Prevention of heart disease
Lower cholesterol and blood pressure
Improve circulation and joint function
Combat [...]