Many people become impatient after beginning to take fish oil, or any medication for that matter, thinking it will cure their symptoms overnight. If you are taking fish oil for something like high blood pressure or depression, you might wonder how long to wait to see some changes.

A good guideline to start with is 30 days. Be sure to keep a log or journal where you note your reading or feelings at Day 1 and then again at Day 30. It is often hard to tell what changes have been made if you don’t know where you started! Also, don’t try to measure changes on a daily basis. It will just make you more impatient and frustrated. Measure once per wee at the most. After 30 days, take your measurements again, if you see little or no changes in your conditions, it may be a good idea to think about increasing your daily dosage. Be sure to consult a doctor before doing so however.